avoid getting hit by a car when running

When it comes to running there are a few tips that you should know before you go out and run. Running is a great way to exercise and there a few ways you can make it better and safer for you to do so.
The time that you run is important to your safety. If you prefer to run early in the morning or later at night when it’s dark out it is highly recommended that you wear a reflector vest. The point of a reflector vest is to alert other drivers to your presence. There have been far too many accidents where runners have been hit and killed all while running on the road because a driver could not see them.
If you run in the middle of the day then you should bring extra water with you. The reason for this is that it’s often the hottest during the middle of the day. Being dehydrated is dangerous for your health and is why you should bring extra water with you on runs. If you feel yourself getting a dry mouth or feeling tired be sure to drink some water.
Listening to music will sometimes divide runners. The reason for this divide is because some runners swear by listening to music when they run and other runners swear by not listening to anything when there are running. These runners think that by listening to something you’re distracting your mind from running and are making it easier for yourself.
However, if you listen to music while you run it’s recommended that you get some sort of strap that you can put on your arm to hold your music player. This way the cord won’t get in the way when you’re running. They also have special shoes for Ipods that allow you to record the amount of steps and distance you’ve taken and then upload them to your iTunes account.
Another important tip to know about running is that you should properly stretch before you run and cool down after you run. Making sure that you properly stretch out your muscles will help you avoid injuries on your run. The same can be said about cooling down after you run. Something as simple as walking an extra two blocks can be considered as cooling down. This way you won’t put major stress on your legs from going full speed to not walking all at once.